Q: Hey! I saw that you worked at General Pants! I have an interview on Thursday and I am stresssssin dude, I have no idea what to wear or what they're going to ask me to do! Do you think you could please tell me what happened at your interview? It would help so so soooo much! Thanks heaps! :) x

I am SO sorry if I am replying after your interview. I’ve just gotten back from Germany and have been super busy.

Basically it’s best to go into the interview NOT having a plan of how you’re going to be/react to questions as it is best to just be yourself!

The website says “There’s no set way of doing things here – we’re always looking for change and ideas from creative people like you. We want to ensure our team are provided with career development opportunities that are structured, supported and challenging and the team is ripe with inspiration, energy, passion, boldness and most of all fun.” And it is all true. 

Judging by your Tumblr you seem pretty with it as far as fashion and trends go so just wear your favourite outfit that you feel like a fierce goddess in and I can’t see how you can fail.

Working at GP was the best 3 years of my life and I can’t wait to get back there when I get home from living in London, maybe we’ll even work together! Good luck, honey x

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hey sorry im late i didnt want to come

Me at work at least once a week. 

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Red hair/red velvet, Golden Square, Soho, 2014

My friend Jess takes great photos.